Politician Buys 20,000 Pens For Voters

In the case of Davidson County Juvenile Court Clerk Vic Lineweaver and his pens, taxpayers footed the bill. An invoice from January of this year indicated Lineweaver bought $5,000 pens himself, but the I-Team’s investigation is about pens handed out last year.

via Politician Buys 20,000 Pens For Voters – Nashville News Story – WSMV Nashville.

And are we surprised? Vic has shown up at every community event I’ve been involved with during the past year or so with a batch of pens to hand out. It was clearly understood by the folks leaving them that they were for campaign purposes — not to promote the work of the Juvenile Court Clerk, which really doesn’t need to be promoted anyway.

As a pastor and leader of a congregation I cannot endorse a specific candidate for office. What I can do is point to cases where injustice and incompetence threaten our city. Mr. Lineweaver continues to bring controversy to his position, one that ultimately effects the well being of children and youth, and it is way past time to consider whether he has outlived his welcome.


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  1. He has done the same at events he has attended at my church, but not just this year, but every year that I have been there.

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