A Mea Culpa in the Interest of Equity

In one of my non-endorsement endorsements last week, I offered my support of Duane Dominy, bosed on my work with him in the local community, and most importantly his work in flood relief efforts. In the midst of that reflection, I suggested that I couldn’t support his opponent, Representative Sherry Jones in her bid for re-election in the 59th District because she was a non-presence during the early weeks of relief efforts while Duane and others made sure to be on the ground and engaged in relief efforts.

I learned tonight in a conversation with Rep. Jones and my friend Alma Sanford that Rep. Jones was not present due to the illness and death of a close relative during that period, and her responsibilities as the executor of that person’s estate. Having gone through that ourselves with the death of my wife’s mother in February, and knowing that we are still working to liquidate the estate, I completely understand her reasons for being absent. Apparently some of the political folks in the community knew that face, but it failed to trickle down to those of us on the ground, and I made unfair assumptions. For that, I apologize and hope and pray that Rep. Jones is recovering well from her loss.

I still support my friend Duane, based again not in his political leanings (I am far too liberal for his tastes!) but in his desire to serve his constituents, and his track record of service as a councilman. Having talked with Rep. Jones tonight I can imagine that had we had the opportunity to work together during the past four years or so, I might not be as less willing to offer that support, but in this case I have to go with the experience I have had, not the possibility of what might be.

I trust that both candidates in this election are honorable people, and that they will conduct themselves with honor, resting on their record and not the mudslinging that seems to be part of politics these days. Both are capable individuals, and no matter the outcome, may they be able to work together for the good of District 59.


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