A Good Analysis of Fairgrounds Opposition


The mayor and Reibling both state that the Fairgrounds have a “cumulative revenue loss of $3.6 million” over the past five years. We do not accept this figure as accurate, but for the sake of this argument let’s say it’s correct. That comes out to be about $700,000 per year. So using their own figures, why does the mayor and Reibling think it’s such a hot deal to lease Hickory Hollow Mall for $1 million per year in an attempt to replace the Fairgrounds Exhibition space? And then spend another $5 million in the future to actually purchase the building? We (the people) already own the Fairgrounds and all of it’s buildings!



via Fairgrounds Heritage Preservation Group.

I’ve been clear in the past that I am suspicious of the moves to close the Fairgrounds, not fully agreeing with the Mayor’s minions on the plan. This article offers a fairly complete analysis of the reasons why the move to close the fairgrounds isn’t resonating with me. Check it out.


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