Announcing Nashville Commons

During the past few months as the debate around the fairgrounds swirled around us, I became aware that we have as a city is finding quality space for conversation around city issues. While there are all sorts of on-line spaces which offer commentary and comments, these are rarely helpful conversations because most all for anonymous commenting and lead to screaming and yelling matches and the attempts to demonize the others runs rampant. There are some e-mail lists for which the conversation is a bit higher quality, but e-mail is not well suited for community conversation, and a few folks can overwhelm a list with posts around a narrow topic. In talking with several folks, it become clear that there was a need for a common space for civil public conversation, a space which would require some accountability for one’s words, and which would allow passionate debate while encouraging mutual respect.

That space is now open for business, albeit in a beta form, at


Nashville Commons is a space for conversation. After registering and agreeing to some terms of service, participants are invited to create and enter into conversation around some broad themes: Governance, Development, Character, and Care.

I could say more, but I think you are better off visiting the site, poking around a bit, and seeing how it might be useful for you.


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