A Prayer for the Metro Council

Tonight I was asked to provide the opening invocation for the Metro Council meeting. Here is what I prayed:

Creator of the Universe and provider of all,
we gather tonight as neighbors,
called together to live in this place we call home.
We come as very different people,
from many traditions and backgrounds,
with distinctive philosophies and opinions.
Yet, you have brought us together,
at this time and place,
to work toward a common vision for our city.
Grant us the grace to transcend our differences,
to take time to hear one another,
and put aside our own personal agendas for the good of all.
Help us to hear the voices of those on the edges,
the poor, the hungry, the sick,
all those who don’t often have access to the seats of power,
and may we be led to remember the least of these,
as we determine the future directions for our city.
Most of all, fill us with a great sense of hope,
that this home which you have given us,
can be reflective of your beloved community,
where peace and prosperity prevail.
Send your wisdom, send your hope, send your love,
that in the giving of these gifts,
our city will be everything that you want it to be.
May your will be done tonight, giver of light and life.

And all God’s children said, amen.


One thought on “A Prayer for the Metro Council

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  1. Not bad. You might want to consider the ordained ministry. 🙂 (Great prayer, Jay! May it be so with the Metro Council and Congress and with us all.)

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