An Open Letter to Mayor Cooper

Dear Mayor Cooper, I want to begin by thanking you for the work that you and other city leaders are trying to do to balance the pressure between keeping the people of Nashville safe from the COVID outbreak, and the call to keep businesses open so that our citizens are fully employed and able to... Continue Reading →

Ninety days later….

Way back in August, just after we had learned that Nashville would be deciding whether Megan Barry or David Fox would be our next mayor, I wrote a blog post expressing some reservations I had about now Mayor Barry's campaign and concerns about her priorities as she governed. Certainly, I'm no political expert, but over... Continue Reading →

I ain’t necessarily getting on the David train either: More reflections on the Nashville mayoral race of 2015

Yesterday I let loose with my worries about Megan Barry's candidacy for mayor, and the rhetoric that I've heard out of her supporters. Apparently I struck I nerve because I've heard from a variety of folks, both supporters of Megan and supporters of David Fox, both praising and chastising my post. The feedback has been... Continue Reading →

Why I’m not sure I’m jumping on the Megan train: Reflections on the mayoral election of 2015

Like always, I want to remind folks that anything I say here is my own opinion, and does not in any way represent the official opinion of the United Methodist Church, the congregation I serve, or the company in which I'm a partner. This also does not represent an endorsement of any particular candidate that... Continue Reading →

Oh no you don’t…

A new market analysis said the SoBro district in Downtown Nashville could be primed for a big business boom, but that the homeless problem there might make development difficult.via Report: Homelessness Hinders Downtown Development - NewsChannel5.comDuring the debates around the funding and construction of the Music City Center one of the questions that I regularly... Continue Reading →

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