The Blame Game

In the debate over the fairgrounds proposal and the administration’s proposed creation of the Expo Center at Hickory Hollow, I have noticed a troubling phenomenon among those who oppose the project. This movement is exemplified in Mike Byrd’s blog post of tonight: What has Hickory Hollow owner CBL done for Nashville that would warrant Metro... Continue Reading →

A Flood Story – Southeast Nashville Recovery

This Sunday at 7 p.m. the folks from Extreme Home Makeover will tell the story of the Nashville floods from the perspective of my good friends at the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. How well I remember in the early hours of our disaster sitting 800 yards from the swollen Mill Creek and watching the Hope House,... Continue Reading →

Metro Archives’ move to Antioch concerns history lovers | | The Tennessean

  Note to city . . . historians are usually located near universities, something sorely lacking in Antioch. While I love the idea of the archives being at Hickory Hollow, we probably need to consider the needs of the user base along the way. "Hickory Hollow Mall is in the very farthest corner of the... Continue Reading →

Will There Be A Community Center in Antioch?

Yesterday Phil Williams at Newschannel5 ran a story on the possibility of privatizing the public parking system of Nashville. There are lots of questions to be considered about that possibility, but in reading the story on-line I was pointed to an November 19 e-mail from Rich Riebling to Mayor Dean which also contained something else... Continue Reading →

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