Everyone gets knocked off their feet

My friend never thought he would need it — until he did. He discovered that need several years ago when his mother, a woman with limited resources, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Her illness progressed more quickly than anyone could have imagined, until suddenly they were faced with the reality that her decline required... Continue Reading →

Rising again in the debate over taxes

Those who read this blog know that I have been absent from the conversation for quite a while, which likely means that no one reads this space any more. Frankly, life has been too busy out here in Old Hickory to spend a lot of time on the broader issues of our city, and in... Continue Reading →

Consistency Isn’t A Hallmark of the Dean Machine

I was just reading Joey Garrison's story in the City Paper about Karl Dean's active opposition to the re-election of Robert Duvall and Duane Dominy in their respective council seats out in Antioch. While I have worked with both guys and consider them friends and colleagues who care deeply about their community, I'm not surprised... Continue Reading →

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