Down With The Sunset Grill

I'm currently out-of-town so I'm not exactly in the think of Nashville politics, but I did run through the news today and learned of Randy Rayburn's recent fundraising letter in opposition to Burkley Allen's campaign in District 18. Randy, of course, is the restaurant magnate who owns the Sunset Grill, Midtown Cafe, and the Cabana,... Continue Reading →

A Failure to Plan Leads to Failure

It was a quiet and snowy night here in Old Hickory and the girls were snuggled up in front of the TV so I took some time to peruse the 700 pages of emails Mike Byrd obtained from Fairgrounds Director Buck Dozier’s account via a Freedom of Information Act request. Yeah, I know there is... Continue Reading →

Some Random Thoughts about Our Battle for South Nashville

I've been watching with interest the conversation back and forth on that Nashville Neighborhoods e-mail list, Twitter, and area blogs on the fairgrounds/Hickory Hollow issue and find myself troubled at many levels. The words fly back and forth, with each side presenting "facts" as to why their argument is valid. Of course what is fact... Continue Reading →

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