An open letter to David Fox

Dear David, As I'm sure you know, I've been struggling over the past weeks about who I will be voting for in the mayoral election. I found myself flirting with the notion of voting for someone who is certainly more conservative than I. I was intrigued but what you had to offer, believing that you... Continue Reading →

So what’s this train thing anyway? Some final reflections on the mayor’s race.

Last week I took some time to unpack some of my feelings about the Nashville mayor's race, suggesting that I was nervous about jumping on the train for either Megan Barry or David Fox. Of course some might ask what is the whole purpose of sharing this anyway? After all, since I don't seem to... Continue Reading →

I ain’t necessarily getting on the David train either: More reflections on the Nashville mayoral race of 2015

Yesterday I let loose with my worries about Megan Barry's candidacy for mayor, and the rhetoric that I've heard out of her supporters. Apparently I struck I nerve because I've heard from a variety of folks, both supporters of Megan and supporters of David Fox, both praising and chastising my post. The feedback has been... Continue Reading →

Why I’m not sure I’m jumping on the Megan train: Reflections on the mayoral election of 2015

Like always, I want to remind folks that anything I say here is my own opinion, and does not in any way represent the official opinion of the United Methodist Church, the congregation I serve, or the company in which I'm a partner. This also does not represent an endorsement of any particular candidate that... Continue Reading →

Consistency Isn’t A Hallmark of the Dean Machine

I was just reading Joey Garrison's story in the City Paper about Karl Dean's active opposition to the re-election of Robert Duvall and Duane Dominy in their respective council seats out in Antioch. While I have worked with both guys and consider them friends and colleagues who care deeply about their community, I'm not surprised... Continue Reading →

Another Flood Story — Jason Holleman and the Legal Warriors

I just finished reading Steve Goerge's piece in the Nashville Scene regarding the race for Council District 24 (Sylvan Park) between Jason Holleman and Sarah Lodge Talley, and how the opposition to Jason seems connected to his not toeing the line 100% with the Dean administration.  I am not a resident of District 24, although... Continue Reading →

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