What I Am Looking for In A Mayor

I haven't posted in a while mainly due to the schedule required of a pastor during the holidays. I, like others, was not surprised to see the Tennessean name Karl Dean as the Nashvillian of the Year given the narrative that has been forming in recent months. I understand the argument to be made for... Continue Reading →

Gail Kerr May Be Right, but Is Still Wrong

This morning, Karl Dean’s personal columnist Gail Kerr wrote a piece in the Tennessean that has generated much commentary, both on the web site and among neighborhood types on Twitter. Kerr continued her unbroken trend of never writing a critical word about our Mayor, suggesting that it is hopeless for any “serious” candidate to take... Continue Reading →

Rep. Cooper Pays For Returned Campaign Signs – Politics News Story – WSMV Nashville

  While I haven't always agreed with all of Jim Cooper's opinions on government finances, I find more and more that I really like the guy. Here is another example of someone living out his values: NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- One lawmaker is paying people to return his campaign signs. "You know I'm a penny-pincher anyway,... Continue Reading →

Enclave: Is the “Re-elect Karl Dean” campaign underway or not? And was he the only man who could have saved us from the May flood?

The truth is that the campaign has been going since the last election despite the news media's naked attempts to write Mayor Dean's political aspirations out of the governing equation. While it may not be illegal for the Dean Team to use the mayor@nashville.gov or other resources in the Nashville Mayor's office to help the... Continue Reading →

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