I’m back!!! And Glen Funk must go…

Yes, it's been weeks, centuries, and even years since I've written here at JustNashville, but the juices are flowing again, and it's time to offer my take on issues facing our fair city of Nashville with a dash of faith, a glob of justice, and the belief that communities CAN really come together to do... Continue Reading →

Get the churches to do it . . . they’ll do anything!

It’s been a week or longer since the CNN/Tea Party Republican debate, and frankly there is little I can nor want to say about that event, for the candidates and the conversation seem so far removed from the world that I inhabit that it’s hard to imagine that we are in the same astral plane.... Continue Reading →

My Ethical Disconnect or the Nature of Hospitality

During the past weeks, we have spent much time thinking about the financial viability of the proposed convention center, probably too much along the way. There has been much debate on whether the projections are accurate, and whether the market can sustain the burden we are bearing. Throughout the conversation proponents of the MCC project... Continue Reading →

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