Dear Gail — Election Edition

Dear Gail Kerr, I have to give you credit for this morning's commentary on the election in the Tennessean. It was much less effusive than past articles, perhaps I suppose because you helped in creating the climate in Nashville where no candidate of any note would challenge Karl Dean. Yes, the mayor is running against... Continue Reading →

Let’s suppose…

  Let’s suppose that I am a bishop in the United Methodist Church (quit laughing…anything is possible…but it IS pretty far fetched). And, let’s suppose that I looked out over the congregations that I administer and see one that I think may be nearing the end of its life. It’s not one that I have... Continue Reading →

Some Random Thoughts about Our Battle for South Nashville

I've been watching with interest the conversation back and forth on that Nashville Neighborhoods e-mail list, Twitter, and area blogs on the fairgrounds/Hickory Hollow issue and find myself troubled at many levels. The words fly back and forth, with each side presenting "facts" as to why their argument is valid. Of course what is fact... Continue Reading →

Real Citizens Couldn’t Do That, Could They?

  Stephen George's article in the Scene about the Fairgrounds Debate is an interesting read that does a pretty good side of presenting the degree to which the administration is failing in it's attempt to sell the project. In the midst of that article, this one statement jumped out: But as neighborhood residents, fairgrounds advocates... Continue Reading →

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