Oh no you don’t…

A new market analysis said the SoBro district in Downtown Nashville could be primed for a big business boom, but that the homeless problem there might make development difficult.via Report: Homelessness Hinders Downtown Development - NewsChannel5.comDuring the debates around the funding and construction of the Music City Center one of the questions that I regularly... Continue Reading →

Everyone gets knocked off their feet

My friend never thought he would need it — until he did. He discovered that need several years ago when his mother, a woman with limited resources, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Her illness progressed more quickly than anyone could have imagined, until suddenly they were faced with the reality that her decline required... Continue Reading →


This past year our city has spend all sorts of time worrying about whether a racetrack was important to our life or not. Apparently it required so much energy and attention from our city officials in creating new legislation that they couldn't be bothered with monitoring existing legislation to be sure it didn't expire. This... Continue Reading →

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