A Person of Faith Supports Can Do

Given that our buddy Bob Smietana quoted me in the Tennessean (pitting me once again against Murray Davis) it should come as no surprise to anyone that I stand in support of the Non Discrimination Ordinance: BL2011-838, which still faces a third and final reading before the Metro Council. Since the Second Reading is usually... Continue Reading →

Announcing Nashville Commons

During the past few months as the debate around the fairgrounds swirled around us, I became aware that we have as a city is finding quality space for conversation around city issues. While there are all sorts of on-line spaces which offer commentary and comments, these are rarely helpful conversations because most all for anonymous... Continue Reading →

You might be interested…

...in checking out my post at http://onlywonder.com/2010/10/29/american-decline-the-issue-of-individual-or-communal-responsibility/ which touches on some questions of political philosophy which are broader than simply Nashville. I would be interested in hearing here how you think this plays out in Nashville. How does Karl Dean support or reject the values mentioned by David Brooks or in my reflection?

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