Agreeing With Karl

The other day I was poking around my WordPress admin page for this site, and started looking at some of the search terms that have brought folks here. Most were to be expected, but the one that jumped out at me was "people who don't like Karl Dean." I understand why that phrase would lead... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Al-Farooq Islamic Center

Dear friends at the Al-Farooq Islamic Center, I'm sorry that I've been slow in responding to the recent destructive spewing of hate at your building this week, but my family is struggling the the impending death of a loved one and finding time to write has been hard. And yet, as a person who proclaims... Continue Reading →

Seems Like I’ve Heard This Before

And while raising property taxes could be a quick way to solve the problem, that might be politically impossible, especially so soon after approval of the $585 million convention center. While the city is prohibited from using property taxes on that controversial project, voters might see a connection anyway. via Tax hike after convention center... Continue Reading →

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