Rising again in the debate over taxes

Those who read this blog know that I have been absent from the conversation for quite a while, which likely means that no one reads this space any more. Frankly, life has been too busy out here in Old Hickory to spend a lot of time on the broader issues of our city, and in... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for the Metro Council

Tonight I was asked to provide the opening invocation for the Metro Council meeting. Here is what I prayed: Creator of the Universe and provider of all, we gather tonight as neighbors, called together to live in this place we call home. We come as very different people, from many traditions and backgrounds, with distinctive... Continue Reading →

Even The Whores of Babylon Have Rights

Joey Garrison offered up an interesting little article this morning in the City Paper about the upcoming legislation in the Metro Council to restrict the use of amplification systems (bullhorns and other portable PA equipment) along public right of ways downtown. Apparently groups like Pinpoint Evangelism (more known for antagonizing college students on-campus) have been... Continue Reading →

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