What I Am Looking for In A Mayor

I haven't posted in a while mainly due to the schedule required of a pastor during the holidays. I, like others, was not surprised to see the Tennessean name Karl Dean as the Nashvillian of the Year given the narrative that has been forming in recent months. I understand the argument to be made for... Continue Reading →

Kudos for the Mayor . . . on this issue . . .

During the past year or so, I have found myself more and more in conflict with the priorities the current mayoral administration. Honestly, this surprised me a bit, for I had voted for Karl Dean, and had worked closely with Jim Hester and others in the battle against the English Only amendment. And yet, as... Continue Reading →

Gail Kerr May Be Right, but Is Still Wrong

This morning, Karl Dean’s personal columnist Gail Kerr wrote a piece in the Tennessean that has generated much commentary, both on the web site and among neighborhood types on Twitter. Kerr continued her unbroken trend of never writing a critical word about our Mayor, suggesting that it is hopeless for any “serious” candidate to take... Continue Reading →

Real Citizens Couldn’t Do That, Could They?

  Stephen George's article in the Scene about the Fairgrounds Debate is an interesting read that does a pretty good side of presenting the degree to which the administration is failing in it's attempt to sell the project. In the midst of that article, this one statement jumped out: But as neighborhood residents, fairgrounds advocates... Continue Reading →

Blame the @#$%&

Image via Wikipedia “We know that FEMA will be issuing some deadlines of their own pretty soon when they will stop reimbursing the city after a set date for debris collection,” Hopkins-Glascock said. “In anticipation of those FEMA deadlines we set our own deadline for today for residents to put their items out.” --City Paper... Continue Reading →

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