A Trashy Appeal

Update (9:09 a.m.): It appears that what will be ending tomorrow are primarily the relationships with the outside contractors. Metro Public Works will continue to pick up debris in those areas where their monitors tell them it exists. If you are aware of other flood debris that needs pickup from the curb, email Stacy McCoy... Continue Reading →

Custodian or Cleaning Service?

cus-to-di-an [kuh-stoh-dee-uhn] -noun 1. a person who has custody; keeper; guardian 2. a person entrusted with guarding or maintaining a property; janitor. This past Tuesday, under cover of a discussion of the budget for 2011, the Metro Nashville School Board made a major decision of policy related to the care and operation of our schools.... Continue Reading →

What’s The Deal with the Fairgrounds?

Recently I've been following the Nashville Neighborhoods Google Group, hearing about some of the issues that are of importance to neighborhood groups throughout the city. Last week the buzz was all about the Electronic Sign Zoning which seems to be a big concern, however since that was deferred indefinitely, the buzz has moved back to... Continue Reading →

Will There Be A Community Center in Antioch?

Yesterday Phil Williams at Newschannel5 ran a story on the possibility of privatizing the public parking system of Nashville. There are lots of questions to be considered about that possibility, but in reading the story on-line I was pointed to an November 19 e-mail from Rich Riebling to Mayor Dean which also contained something else... Continue Reading →

My Ethical Disconnect or the Nature of Hospitality

During the past weeks, we have spent much time thinking about the financial viability of the proposed convention center, probably too much along the way. There has been much debate on whether the projections are accurate, and whether the market can sustain the burden we are bearing. Throughout the conversation proponents of the MCC project... Continue Reading →

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