An Update on my “Occupy” legislation post…

In my previous post I made the claim that the legislature had increased the penalties of  HB2638 to felony status. I based that on early news/blog reports from the committee. However latter on last night I learned that they had instead increased the penalty from a Class C misdemeanor to a Class A misdemeanor, something... Continue Reading →

Getting Caught Up in the Occupation

Earlier today the Tennessee State House Judiciary Committee voted to send House Bill 2638 to the full house for a vote. This bill is being presented in media as focusing on the Occupy Nashville protest encampment on the Legislative Plaza, and certainly the intent of the authors is to put an end to the encampment... Continue Reading →

The Great Disconnect: Why the Can-Do Repeal Matters

For longer than I would care to admit, I have been hearing from my Libertarian and Republican friends about the woes of big government, most particularly, about the intrusive nature of the Federal Government on the rights of states. These folks complain about the federally imposed mandates placed upon them, arguing that the Federal government... Continue Reading →

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