Healthcare Event for Nashville Clergy

Be watching for more information, but we are scheduling a special conversation on Long Term Care in Nashville via a tour of Nashville's only city run LTC facility at Bordeaux on Tuesday, May 10 from 10 - 1 p.m.. Lunch is included. If you are interested, leave a comment on the blog here.

The Great Disconnect: Why the Can-Do Repeal Matters

For longer than I would care to admit, I have been hearing from my Libertarian and Republican friends about the woes of big government, most particularly, about the intrusive nature of the Federal Government on the rights of states. These folks complain about the federally imposed mandates placed upon them, arguing that the Federal government... Continue Reading →


This past year our city has spend all sorts of time worrying about whether a racetrack was important to our life or not. Apparently it required so much energy and attention from our city officials in creating new legislation that they couldn't be bothered with monitoring existing legislation to be sure it didn't expire. This... Continue Reading →

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