My Ethical Disconnect or the Nature of Hospitality

During the past weeks, we have spent much time thinking about the financial viability of the proposed convention center, probably too much along the way. There has been much debate on whether the projections are accurate, and whether the market can sustain the burden we are bearing. Throughout the conversation proponents of the MCC project... Continue Reading →

A Taxing Question

Recently I have heard proponents of the MCC say that the reason we have the Hotel/Motel tax that paid for the previous convention center is that the hotel/motel industry “voluntarily” agreed to the tax as a funding source. In considering the 14 million from those funds that has been used for other tourism related activities,... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Hyperbole and the Questions that Remain

Just a little over a week ago, I found myself walking into the Lakeshore Church in Antioch (lovingly known at the MediaPlay church locally, given the previous resident of the building) for a community meeting about the Music City Center, sponsored by Councilmen Dominy, Duval, and Coleman. This was advertised as a chance to hear... Continue Reading →

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