Why $135 million isn’t that much…

At a recent public meeting on the proposed Music City Center I heard Nashville’s economic development office Alexia Poe suggest that a justification for the construction and operation of the project was the expansion of the tax base. She suggested that the hope of raising taxes in Nashville is minimal and that our only hope... Continue Reading →

Questions That Remain, Part II

Here are a few questions that I haven’t yet heard answered by the proponents of the Music City Center. They are certainly welcome to send my their answers and I will be happy to post those responses. What studies have been done on the additional city infrastructure needs required to support the project, and how... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Hyperbole and the Questions that Remain

Just a little over a week ago, I found myself walking into the Lakeshore Church in Antioch (lovingly known at the MediaPlay church locally, given the previous resident of the building) for a community meeting about the Music City Center, sponsored by Councilmen Dominy, Duval, and Coleman. This was advertised as a chance to hear... Continue Reading →

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